Be Clear, Start Analog

Few things will improve your presentations more than pen and paper. Writing, drawing and editing save time and clarify thinking. Clear ideas are powerful and memorable.

In preparing presentations, a lot of time is spent producing Powerpoint visuals. It's amazing how much information our participants are able to access and generate in relatively little time. There are volumes upon volumes of easily accessible, and abundant information.

The problem we face, is a matter of ordering and directing the information we have. Writing and storyboarding on paper, is an easy way to pre-edit the information you need. Focus your thinking, then ask yourself:

What do I want my audience to do when this presentation ends?

Remember, you're working back from a distinct goal. It's your job to edit in information that supports your goal and edit out distractions; maintaining a high degree of honesty and professional ethics in the data you choose to present.

With your goal in mind, take time to write down several ways to get there. Try not to fall in love with your first idea. Working with pen and paper will allow you to spend less, more productive time on your computer; while informing, entertaining and inspiring your audiences.