Sales Wisdom

Wisdom begins in wonder
— Socrates

Starting a new year offers rare opportunities for reflection.

I found the Socrates quote that opens this article around a year ago. I loved it, I knew I wanted to write an article with it and I had no idea of what I could do with it.

Then I thought of an awe-provoking experience that added to my wisdom.

Several years ago, I was on a sales call with my father (and President of ERC) David. On our way to the meeting with our client, we spoke about our understanding of the situation, so we could craft a strategy. Not much was definitive – It seemed like the more we spoke, the less we understood.

We arrived. David opened the meeting and proceeded to listen and probe – exclusively.

Our clients spoke and argued, presented and countered. David only spoke to elicit more information.

It turns out that they did not understand their own issues. They needed a good listener to discover their own needs.

My instinct would have been to offer a solution five minutes into the meeting. My wonder at my father's ability to listen made me wiser.