Communication in Times of Crisis

When countries are internally stable and economies are growing, most companies achieve their business goals. During these times, their teams are equipped to present products and services that are of interest to their clients. Their clients are more apt to buy because there is less risk, cost-cutting and fear to make a wrong decision. 

However, when a country is facing internal political, social and/or economic strife, when there is threat of recession, most companies and teams are not prepared to do business in these challenging environments. This is when the truly creative, innovative, brash and solid organizations survive and even thrive.

How does a company succeed during challenging times? Their leaders assess the situation honestly and focus on the opportunities. They create innovative strategies that differentiate their services from their competitors. They focus on benefits for their clients. And so importantly, they train their teams to communicate, sell, negotiate and succeed in these times of crises. They teach their key players, not only what to say, but how to say it, how to sell it and how to win. 

Yes, when others, in times of crisis are employing the myopic policies of cutting back, reducing and minimizing due to fear of losing, these innovative companies and leaders are investing intelligently with the sole goal of winning. That’s why you measure the quality of a company and its leadership, not when successful in times of bullish abundance, but when they prosper and succeed in times of crisis.