Uncertain Times Call for Confident Communication

We live in interesting times.

Our headlines read of scandal and corruption. Trust in leaders and businesses has deteriorated from finite to rare. So, how can we grow our businesses in the face of these odds?

Rebuilding trust is a long process that requires vision and discipline; it also requires clear, confident communication.

We believe that businesses communicate their vision through their people – all their people. Mass communication efforts are most effective when they also include a shift on a more human scale. Individual employees in conversation with clients and colleagues provide warmth and gravity to abstract messages.

To Craft Crisis Communication Messages:

  • Probe Audience/Counterpart for concerns
  • Summarize and play them back
  • Honestly acknowledge and lay out the current situation
  • Communicate your Company’s Changes and Solutions Specifically
  • Present a Realistic Timeline

We wish you success and growth in these interesting times.

Alex Charner

As Training and Design Consultant, Alex is responsible for designing and refining programs, as well as, delivering training to professionals and new trainers.