A Clear Vision for Internal Training

Internal training is an excellent option for companies that want a focused, cost-effective solution that empowers talented people within the organization. It’s an excellent way for high-potential professionals to deliver results through teaching and leading their colleagues.

Internal training faces one main hurdle; most of it is not very good.

Your training is only as good as your participants’ actions after your program:

  • Have they acquired new skills and knowledge?
  • Will they use their new skills and knowledge?

Whether your training is internal or external, participants are often handing off, deferring or postponing important work to be in your training. Participation may or may not be their choice. They’re investing their time and attention and deserve value for their investment.

Optimal internal training includes:

  • Highly prepared trainers
  • Action-oriented training material

Highly Prepared Trainers

Clearly, I believe they should be excellent presenters. But being a good trainer is most importantly being a good mentor. It means having a vision for your participants and placing your knowledge at their level; not above nor below. It also means coaching in a way that motivates participants to improve, balancing praise and corrections. Highly prepared trainers are speakers, listeners and observers—Always alert and focused on guiding their participants toward learning objectives.

Action-Oriented Training Method

When you choose or design an internal training method, evaluate:

  • What specifically do I want participants to know/do after the program?
  • What are my criteria for choosing participants?
  • Does it continue or counter a past practice—if so, why?
  • How/when do I measure success?

We have been fortunate to facilitate and witness the success of excellent internal trainers. Few things are more effective to build the confidence of trainers and the skills of their participants.