One Infinite Legacy, or one more fanboy tribute

When Apple Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Jobs retired six weeks ago, I feared that one day soon, reality would puncture the "reality distortion field" that seemed to surround this remarkable man. Yesterday, it did.

When I was a child, I would spend hours mesmerized by MacDraw and MacPaint, Adobe Photoshop, Specular Infini-D and KPT Bryce. Before I knew what design was, or what art could mean to my life; I figured there was a Mac involved somewhere.

When I learned about the long-departed co-founder, who had put a pirate flag on his building, who loved Dylan and The Beatles – who had a sense of humor and real anger – I was fascinated. When I started to operate as a young artist in the world of business training – I paid attention and took notes. Here's a worldly, highly intelligent, tasteful college dropout, whose mission is to change the world through passion, belief, vision… and yes, (once more) passion. Passion is everything.

This ability to focus concurrently on the big picture and on the details, is what sets great leaders apart.

In 1997, he managed to turn himself and the company he co-founded around. Maturity made him a better leader and his sense of design and human interaction made a better Apple. I watched his first keynote as iCEO, and watched every subsequent presentation. I learned important, life-changing lessons with every viewing.

The most important lesson, shone a light on my own treasures. My father, David Charner is an amazing presenter, trainer and leader. This statement will ring true to the thousands who have taken his courses. He and Steve Jobs were born the same year. Their presentation styles have some differences, but a lot in common. In their capable hands, information turns into dreams, possibilites and action. They are presenters who share a piece of themselves and project their passions on their audiences. I witnessed the same passion in my mother, Barbara Martinez's AIDS prevention workshops.

I was in the audience when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at MacWorld. If a presentation can give you six months of extreme anticipation, and make $599 seem affordable; it's a great presentation.

I always looked forward to the new effects he'd use, to see what would eventually creep in to my new version of Keynote.

Pixar is amazing too!

One Infinite Legacy