Negotiation is a Team Sport

Negotiations are born out of objections. Our experiences show that objections often lead the way to greater opportunities and stronger relationships. This doesn't make objections any easier to hear. As negotiators, we envision an opportunity and are financially and emotionally invested in an outcome. The greatest risk is reacting in a way that hurts the relationship, either through inflexibility or easy concessions.

Negotiators need allies.

To develop a strategy you need to work with managers and colleagues. Run the objection by somebody who understands the business and is in a position to help you. Together, you will define walk-away positions, map outcomes, find unexpected options and test the quality of your ideas.
Negotiation partners allow us a more global vision of the business. A partner may ask:

  • "How can we justify this?"
  • "How will it affect our other clients?"
  • "Do you see a longer term benefit?"
  • "Are we missing potential savings?"


You can also role play your negotiation with a partner. It's a real (pardon the cliché) win-win.