Make it your own – Find parallels in the fields you love

Training has afforded me the chance to meet many remarkable people. Businesses around the world employ people whose experiences outside the office include great athletic achievements, challenging artistic projects, ambitious scientific pursuits, advanced hobbies and complex domestic negotiations. Presentations benefit from a presenter's passions, both to solve problems and connect with audiences.

Outside of ERC and the classroom, my friends know me as a person who has a passion for visual communication. I have a degree in Illustration and continue to study it as a professional discipline. I love to learn about design, art, storytelling and film. My home is filled with books about drawing, screenwriting, filmmaking, photography, art and design of all kinds. I would seek these materials out whether I was a presentation skills trainer or not.

What I have learned though, is how these passions inform my presentations. I have a library of skills, stories and trends from fields that fascinate me, and ultimately improve my presentations.

In our training programs, athletes and musicians learn and improve, when they find their way through timing, rhythm and muscle memory.

Actors and singers, have an incredible font of knowledge when it comes to stage presence and vocal energy.

Scientists and sports fans are accustomed to explaining complex data to other people.

Parents and teachers share lessons and visualize goals in the midst of chaos.

Do you possess parallel skills and experiences that you use to improve your presentations?