Core Skills

After acquiring product and technical knowledge, every professional, to be more successful, should be trained in 4 core skills:

  • Presentations
  • Business Writing
  • Selling
  • Negotiating

Here’s a brief explanation of why.


Presentation Skills

All professionals have to present. They have to prepare clear, concise and compelling content and they have to deliver it to different audiences.  Whether they present standing in front of a live audience, virtually on a call or on a videoconference, presenting is always a huge challenge:

  • How do I control my nervousness?
  • How do I make my message more interesting for my audience?
  • What do I include or omit in the content?
  • How do I prepare quality visuals?
  • How do I handle questions, comments and attacks from my audience?

Your professional image is at stake. Your company’s reputation will be evaluated. Winning or losing is on the line.

Business Writing

Professionals today basically write all day. Whether it’s an email to a client, an internal document, a text or a tweet; writing presents its challenges. Our readers have minimal time to read and digest a message. The writer has  a short time to draft the document. It has to be organized, clear, concise and convey the proper tone. Spelling and grammar should be correct.

Business Writing is a must-have core skill and a good training investment.

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Whether you’re part of a sales force or work in Operations, Finance, Administration, Marketing, IT or any other division, selling and consulting are core and critical skills.

True, the sales force has to be highly trained. They provide the gasoline that keeps the motor running. However all employees have to sell ideas, strategies, improvements. They must learn when and how to pitch and how to listen and probe. Better selling skills lead to targeted solutions that are key for success.


Once again, quite obvious for the sales force. However so often, the sales force lacks a negotiating methodology, They make excessive concessions or show inflexibility. They need to be well trained.

All professionals need these skills. Internal negotiations are critical for efficiency and harmony in an organization. All areas need to negotiate agreements and require skills to do it well. 

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A well-trained team in these core skills will produce  a more motivated staff,  a better professional image and reputation , a more positive work environment and better company results.

Five Power Tips for Presentation Designers

Five Power Tips for Presentation Designers - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Our last Haiku Deck for 2014: Five Power Tips for Presentation Designers

The tips in order:

  1. Bottom Third = Back of Head
  2. Kill Your Darlings
  3. Cut Two Slides from the End (I have two in mind)
  4. Blank Slides
  5. Know the rules = Know how to break them

We also outlined some basic principles that should be a part of every presentation.

I am also honored to be a part of Haiku Deck's The Most Inspiring Presentations of 2014