ERC Writing

Write documents and emails that engage readers and motivate action. Propel your message with powerful writing skills that inform and inspire action.



Your written identity is your first impression. Business relationships are built and nurtured in writing.

Reduce writing time, increase clarity and engage your readers in your documents and messages.

Designed for

Professionals who need to communicate more effectively in writing.


By writing and editing business documents you will learn to:

  • Evaluate your own writing based on readability
  • Organize your information quickly and strategically
  • Convey your message clearly
  • Use adequate tone
  • Know the do's and don'ts of email etiquette
  • Establish a discipline for writing follow-up letters
  • Open relationships through letters for appointment



  1. Baseline: You and your fellow participants evaluate your current writing for readability. Participants learn to evaluate how easy it is for a reader to understand their message and act on it.
  2. Organization: Participants filter ideas and use simple formats to start their documents. They identify and focus their message according to whether they want to inform or generate action from their readers. Use business writing formats to build an organized narrative.
  3. Follow-up Letter: Meet with a colleague and follow-up the meeting with this powerful tool. Follow-up letters are an essential sales and internal communication tool that saves time and reduces frustration.
  4. Letter for Appointment: An email format to create an action-oriented introduction. Excellent for sales and consultative communication.
  5. Clarity: Get to the point. Cut the fat in your documents to be accurate and concise.
  6. Tone: Written tone creates a strong impression on your readers, for better or worse. Bad email tone obstructs objectives and hurts relationships. Conveying the appropriate tone will strengthen any message. These tools will maintain a professional image and strengthen relationships.
  7. Baseline Review: Apply principles of Organization, Clarity and Tone to your baseline document. Measure readability and progress.


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