ERC Consulting

Be a valued resource to colleagues and clients, while strengthening business relationships



To give consultants an approach that allows less talking, more listening and more productive meetings and solutions.

Designed for

Internal and External Consultants, Marketers, Designers, Leaders, Executives, Managers and Customer Service Personnel.


Using your own work situations, you will learn to:

  • Open a Socratic Dialogue
  • Listen actively and understand specific needs, worries and requirements
  • Ask the right questions
  • Uncover motivators
  • Create commitments that lead to decisions
  • Manage objections as avenues towards an agreement
  • Close with a commitment to next steps

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Communication and Leadership


  1. Initial Assessment: We role-play the way each participant approaches consulting conversations early in the program.
  2. Socratic Opener: A great way to get your counterparts to talk about their specific needs before you present your material.
  3. Active Listening: A disciplined approach to listening that improves understanding and supports the conversation.
  4. Socratic Probing: Practice key phrases and probing techniques that uncover motivators and close sooner.
  5. No Surprises Proposal: Organize your material to respond to the needs and motivators you uncover.
  6. Managing Objections: Handle objections accurately by uncovering specifics, and learning to control unexpected reactions.
  7. Closing: A process that uses conditional questions to get sub-decisions and close without pressure.