ERC Facilitating

Facilitate programs, to confidently share new skills and prepare your students and peers.


Learn and adopt the skills we use as ERC trainers, to share your programs with internal clients and students.

Designed for

Present and future facilitators.


Through proven skills, focused on your training materialyou will learn to:

  • Present your material with dynamism and impact
  •  Hold your students' attention
  •  Know how to use all your classroom tools
  •  Coordinate time, resources, assistants and classroom mechanics
  •  Handle questions, comments and attacks




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  1. Initial Assessment: The first facilitation practice in front of your colleagues. Video review.
  2. Physical Skills: Control pressure and project confidence. Manage your nervous energy, think clearly and convey interest and enthusiasm.
  3. Coaching: Learn to target weak points through positive feedback.
  4. Practice with Visuals: Present with visuals. Strengthen your role as facilitator and foster your relationship with your participants. This exercise offers many chances to practice and learn the training material.
  5. Use the Flip Chart: Skills to get the most out of this versatile tool.
  6. Handling Quenstions, Comments and Attacks: Control the most delicate part of your class. Respond without reacting. Make each interruption an opportunity to teach and clarify.
  7. Assigning Exercises: Clearly share the steps and objectives in each exercise.
  8. Classroom Mechanics: Preparation and coordination of class space and time. Know what to do before, during and after class.