ERC Negotiating

Negotiate win-win agreements and build positive relationships



Equip professionals with a negotiating strategy to appreciate their customer’s position and represent their own company's interests.

Designed for

Sales professionals and managers who negotiate on a regular basis.



Through practical exercises focused on your work experience, you will learn about:

  • Organizing thoughts and company needs before the negotiation
  • Setting a positive tone from the start
  • Actively listening to the client’s position
  • Uncovering what’s behind that position
  • Moving towards an agreement
  • Using new counteroffer techniques
  • Establishing a walkaway position
  • Creating options
  • Ending on a positive note

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Core Skills



  1. Initial Assessment: Every participant begins by role-playing a negotiation. Instructor, peers and the participant contribute to an understanding of each participant’s skills.
  2. Prepare your Position: Define your strategy before the negotiation begins.
  3. Open the Dialogue: Begin the conversation in a way that encourages customers to help you understand their issues.
  4. Listen Actively: Show the customer that you understand their position, while updating and clarifying your information.
  5. Probe for Rationale: Explore your customer's position to build steps towards an agreement.
  6. Solicit / Make the first Offer: Set a constructive tone for the initial offer/ counter-offer.
  7. Create Options: Expand the list of issues that factor into a negotiation and increase your opportunities for an agreement.
  8. Prepare Counteroffers: Use your options to build better win-win counteroffers.
  9. Decline and Explain: Participants will learn to confidently present the reasons for their position, before presenting a counteroffer.
  10. Communicating Counteroffers: A skill to deliver the variables of a negotiation powerfully and compellingly.
  11. Confirm Agreements: You conclude the negotiation with a mutual understanding of the terms reached in the agreement.