Ours is a sales-driven business. Sound familiar?

People in sales fields are famously driven, determined and knowledgeable about their organizations, products and services. They are eager to tell you about how their product or idea will change your life or your business. The problem, according to clients and prospects, is that they often talk too much and listen too little.

Socratic Selling Skills is a simple, powerful, consultative approach to selling built on the Socratic Method. Socratic Salespeople guide their dialogues through active listening and probing. When our clients speak, we discover needs and uncover motivators, to build targeted proposals.

Sales professionals often have to present proposals to their clients. But, how often do they truly make an impact? Do sales presentations make the best use of your time and your clients'?

Executive Presentation Skills gives your team the power to deliver strong, dynamic presentations that are built around a solid objective and respond to audience needs.

Say in 20 minutes, what used to take an hour. Handle questions, comments and attacks professionally.

Executive & Virtual Presentation Skills adds a new component to our presentation skills program, tools and techniques that engage audiences that are seeing or listening to you on their computers or devices – Make an impact, across the room and around the world.

Business is global and most sales communication is written. Sales Writing Skills saves time and avoids the costly mistakes and assumptions that are often found in Business Writing. The program is built on Organization, Clarity and Tone. Participants exit the program with tools to write:

  • Letters for Appointment
  • Follow-up Letters
  • Proposals 

Where sales are born from objectives, negotiations are a product of objections. Socratic Negotiating Skills gives your professionals the tools to turn objections into opportunities to grow the business. Our skills will help you plan and communicate strategies for win-win agreements.

At ERC, we have designed many solutions that work with the needs and culture of organizations around the world. Send us a note, we would love to build a solution around the needs of your sales team.