Socratic Selling™ & Executive Presentation Skills™

January, 2015 – Safra Bank

Socratic Selling Skills™


Physical Skills

  • Handshake – Firm, eye-to-eye, break ice
  • Seated Posture – Lean forward, gesture and maintain eye contact

Socratic Dialogue Opener™

Encourage the Prospect/Client to speak:

  • Preparation: "I’m prepared to present a new strategy, like we discussed over the phone, …"
  • Invitation: "… please tell me about your ideas and expectations, …"
  • Benefits: "… So we can dedicate this meeting to what is important for you.”

Active Listening

Use Playbacks:

  • "Let me see if I understand…"
  • "In other words…"
  • "So, what you're saying is…"

Socratic Probes™

Explore needs

  • "What else should I know?"
  • "Tell me more"
  • "Why do you say that?"
  • "Specifically…"
  • "What else should I know?"
  • "For example"
  • Echo


Find the Hidden Motivator:

  • "How does this affect you?"
  • "I sense concern"


Find the Hidden Motivator:

  • "How does this affect you?"
  • "I sense concern"

No Surprises Proposal™

Resuma as necessidades e confirme:

  • "Is that right?"

Make a proposal

  • Relate benefits/needs

Handling Questions

  • Give a short answer
  • "I’m curious, why do you ask?"


Identify reasons behind objection:

"Why do you say that?"

Isolate the objection and present options:

"Suppose we were able to resolve that situation. are there any other issues standing in the way of our doing business."

Closing the Sale


  • Needs
  • Proposals
  • Schedule next steps

Executive Presentation Skills



Eye Brain Control™ - 1 thought with 1 pair of eyes



Be Animated!

Vocal Energy - Raise volume & emphasize with inflection

Visual Energy - Gesture supporting your words.



Use a format –  Examples:

  • Grabber
  • Current Situation
  • Negative Effects
  • Recommendation
  • Benefits
  • Evidence
  • Summary


Creating Visuals

  • 1 idea per visual - Avoid overloading
  • Build or Break up
  • Short bullets 4 x 4
  • Clear graphs - 1 per visual
  • Use pictures and diagrams


Delivering Visuals

  • Clear the Visual
  • Touch-Turn-Talk™


Handling Questions

  • Listen to the question
  • Break Visually with questioner
  • Rephrase question
  • Answer using Eye Brain Control & Vocal/Visual Energy