ERC Selling

Sell through understanding. Focused listening builds stronger relationships and better sales.



To give salespeople a selling approach that allows less talking, more listening and more beneficial sales.

Designed for

Sales professionals, Executives, Managers and Customer Service Personnel.


Using your own sales situations, you learn to:

  • Open a Socratic Dialogue
  • Listen actively and understand specific client needs, worries and requirements
  • Ask the right questions
  • Uncover motivators
  • Create commitments that lead to buying decisions
  • Isolate objections as avenues towards an agreement
  • Close with a commitment to next steps

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Core Skills


  1. Initial Assessment: We role-play the way each participant approaches sales interviews early in the program.
  2. Socratic Opener: A new way to get prospects to talk about their specific needs before you present your material.
  3. Active Listening: A disciplined approach to listening that improves understanding, drives the sale and builds the relationship.
  4. Socratic Probing: Practice key phrases and questioning techniques that uncover motivators and close sooner.
  5. No Surprises Proposal: Organize your material to respond to the needs and motivators you uncover.
  6. Managing Objections: Handle objections accurately by uncovering specifics, and learning to control unexpected reactions.
  7. Closing: A process that uses conditional questions to get sub-decisions and close without pressure.